Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Smart Lock Safety

by Dustin Rose

If you own an office building, even if you live in a safe area, you should have a commercial security system. Yet, even the safest areas are not free of theft. However, using locks and keys in the normal sense can be dangerous. It is not difficult to make a copy of a key and have no one be the wiser. However, with smart locks now available, you can be assured that your building will be safe.

Why Smart Locks?

A smart lock contains the same basic components as a typical lock: you have the lock and the key. The main difference is that the key is not the piece of metal as you would typically imagine. The variety of smart keys you can use to unlock the area vary to fit your needs. A few examples and their benefits will be discussed below. Whichever option you choose, the lock will help you become a more functional business with the ability to monitor who comes and goes, as some of the lock systems can monitor which keys were used, etc. The smart lock uses a wireless communication channel to increase your safety.

What About The Keys?

There are three keys that are most commonly used with this type of commercial security system. Each one has slightly different advantages, and you can decide which system would best fit your business.

  1. Bluetooth- A Bluetooth is a common choice as many employees in the business world are already familiar with the way the Bluetooth functions. You will not need to provide extensive training by selecting this type of key. A benefit of using Bluetooth is that this device does not use much battery. Also, there is a limited range of connectivity. In this case, that serves your purpose as the person can only open the lock if they are nearby.
  2. Z-wave- Z-wave can benefit your business as it does not require the use of wi-fi to function. If an office building constantly has people using wi-fi to open the door, the internet will become congested and not function well for its other purposes. Additionally, the battery on this option has a sleep and wake mode.
  3. Zigbee- This device can work with systems from other companies, not like trying to charge a Dell computer with an Apple charger. This device also gives the user a longer range to use the device.

There are also other options for keys; however, these keys are the most popular selections. The key that fits your business best will depend upon your needs.


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Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

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