Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Reasons to Hire a Security Guard

by Dustin Rose

As an owner of a busy commercial enterprise, securing your premises against the constant threat of break-ins and robberies is a challenge. There are many reasons to research the availability of security guards for hire in your locality. 

Security cameras can offer part of the solution, but there are multiple advantages to having a physical presence on the premises. These are the reasons why so many businesses are hiring security guards for protection and why you need to consider this option. They are:


Compared to video systems, professional security guards offer a more thorough and extensive approach to your company's protection. They compensate for some of the inherent drawbacks of a camera system alone.

For instance, they can gain a thorough understanding of the location they are working in. By performing regular internal and external patrols they become familiar with the property. They understand every detail of the area and what amounts to normal activities and circumstances, and they know exactly which areas to focus on to ensure there are no blind spots.


Security guards are a successful means of preventing crimes according to research. If there is a camera system only, thieves are often more tempted to take a chance thinking that they can avoid apprehension.  Potential thieves are not as likely to take the risk when they know that security guards patrol the premises that have the ability to act right away. 


Security camera systems provide footage of any breaches. However, that is all it accomplishes. A professional security officer can deal immediately with the situation. They can prevent damage and theft from occurring and apprehend the culprits until law enforcement officers arrive.


Knowing that security guards are present gives other employees a sense of safety. Working in the quiet hours after normal office hours can be a little disquieting. The security presence offers them peace of mind in knowing that the business assets are well protected, as well as themselves.


Security guards know how to act in emergency situations and have weapons training. They are also well-versed in surveillance techniques, monitoring systems and performing credential checks.

It is comforting when you have a highly trained professional security guard taking care of your business premises and looking out for any signs of trouble. It takes away one less stress of managing a busy enterprise.

To learn more, talk to a security guard service.


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