Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

3 Critical Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your Commercial Security System

by Dustin Rose

Keeping your commercial business premises safe is paramount, but how do you ensure it's under 24-hour surveillance and monitoring? Without investing in the best security and surveillance systems, your commercial property is prone to constant break-ins, theft and vandalism. If you still own an outdated security system, it's time to consider upgrading it to modern standards. Instead of incurring significant financial losses on your commercial property, investing in a modern security system would be prudent. Consider these four factors when upgrading your current commercial security system: 

The Type of Commercial Security System

While choosing the correct surveillance cameras for your commercial space is essential, you should determine the type of security system to implement. An efficient security system is more than just cameras. You can still secure every critical component of your business. Some of the critical security systems to consider include: 

  • System Monitoring Solutions — enable smooth access to your surveillance systems by third-party software to enhance easier remote monitoring of your commercial premises. 

  • Intrusion Detection Systems — contain motion, carbon monoxide and heat sensors that trigger an alarm in case of an emergency. 

  • Wireless of Physical Network Systems — offer excellent flexibility, allowing installation of surveillance systems at an affordable rate. 

Consider Controlled Access

Depending on your commercial business premises, installing gated access that relies on security key cards might prove challenging. Ideally, erecting a perimeter fence helps deter thieves from climbing over and gaining access to your premises. However, ensure that this wall is durable and sturdy to withstand sheer force and impacts. 

However, highly secure commercial premises utilise keypads, access codes and key cards to control access. You want to keep your floor plans and sensitive data safe from unauthorised access. It's essential to ensure a secured inventory if you choose to use security badges and keypads. Any misuse or improper handling of these badges might grant access to unauthorised individuals, posing a security risk to your commercial premises. 

Check the System's Warranty 

For any business asset, you need solid warranties. Any issues arising from your security systems can adversely impact your bottom line or increase your insurance premiums when filing damage claims without applicable warranties.

Therefore, before selecting a specific commercial security system, find the right vendor offering solid warranties on their products. They help you prevent potential problems down the line. A reputable security system supplier should provide lifetime warranties and support services on their products to guarantee optimum system performance. 

Reach out to local security systems providers for more information. 


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