Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Want to Install Security Screen Doors? 3 Important Things You Should Know First

by Dustin Rose

Every year, there are cases of house burglaries in Australia. Therefore, you should have reliable security measures to prevent your house from becoming part of the statistics. One way you can enhance your home's security is by installing security screen doors. These screen doors offer added protection that makes your home unappealing to burglars since they are usually attracted to areas that require less effort to break through them.

If you want to install security screen doors in your house, you will probably not know where to start. Read on to find out what you should know before installing these screen doors to ensure you get the most suitable one.

1. Choose the Ideal Material to Use

Most of the screen doors in the market are made from aluminium, steel, or metal alloys. The best part is that each of these materials can be customised to offer the strength you need. However, steel tends to provide more strength than other metal alloys or aluminium. Therefore, if you want to get strong doors with a thin frame, steel is the best material to choose.

Also, steel frames are more affordable than aluminium, but they need a coating to prevent damage from outdoor elements. On the other hand, aluminium frames never rust, making them easy to maintain. You have to consider which material offers the properties you need in your screen door. You also need to consider the environmental conditions of your location to decide which material will work best for your house.

2. Consider the Installation Method

The installation method used on your door should make it more secure. The two most common mounting methods are flush mounting and frame-mounting installation, and both offer excellent security. Flush mount involves installing the security screen such that it recesses into the interior door. That eliminates all gaps to create a natural look and evens out the exposed surface.

On the other hand, frame-mounting makes your door stick out a few centimetres from the door opening. That makes them more secure and easier to install. Keep in mind that there has to be a separate frame for the mounting process.

3. Decide on the Coating Method

The two most common coating methods used on screen doors are painting and powder coating. Painting offers a wide range of colours and can help create a design that fits well into your home's theme. However, painting does not offer the best protection from outdoor elements.

On the other hand, powder coating is not solvent-based, so it does not flake over time or when it is exposed to outdoor elements. However, powder coating only has limited colour choices when compared to paint.

The factors listed above are important to keep in mind before installing a security screen door to ensure you get the best one. Ensure you work with professional installers to get the best screen door for your house.


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