Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

How to Make Your School's Mobile Classroom More Secure

by Dustin Rose

While mobile classrooms (also known as portable classrooms or modular classrooms) are great when it comes to their low costs and quick set-up times, they're not the most secure option for school buildings. Their isolated and impermanent appearance can make them the ideal target for vandals, thieves, and intruders. Whether you're housing expensive equipment (like computers) inside, or you just want to keep your students safe from attackers, you'll need to take your own measures to increase the safety of these structures. Here are 2 modular classroom security additions that are secure, safe and potentially removable.

Roller Barriers

Many anti-vandal measures can present difficulties when it comes to safety and the law. While you may see other modular buildings with anti-climb paint or anti-climb spikes, for example, think about their implications for a school building. If a student's clothing is ruined by the paint or someone injures themselves on the spikes, you could easily have a lawsuit on your hands. One of the best ways to prevent people from climbing the walls of your modular building is by using roller barriers. These barriers are made from multiple rotating plastic cylinders on a bar. When grabbed, the cylinders spin round, making it impossible for any intruders or vandals to get a good grip. These barriers won't cause harm to people or property, and can be removed with little difficulty if you plan to sell your modular classroom later on. For one-storey buildings, you can affix these barriers to the base of the roof. On multi-storey modular classrooms, you can also add roller barriers to the walls to prevent access to the upper rooms (where computers or lab equipment may be stored).

Security Window Screens

Windows are usually the biggest weak point on a mobile classroom. With the use of heavy tools, they can be smashed quickly to provide an easy entrance and exit for intruders. Installing mesh security screens on these windows protects them from such criminals. These screens are near-impossible to destroy with conventional weapons or tools (including hammers and even guns). The hydraulic-pressed "hook" system is what gives these security screens their superior strength, delaying intruders from entering the mobile classroom. This delay will have one of two positive outcomes: it will either deter the person from their attempt to gain entry, or it will give you or the authorities time to act and apprehend the criminal before he makes it inside. If you are looking to protect equipment stored within, these screens have the additional benefit of making it hard for passersby to see inside from far away. If thieves can't see the contents of the classroom, they're far less likely to target you. As with roller barriers, security screens do not damage the building, and could be uninstalled in the event of a re-sale.


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Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

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