Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Organising a VIP Event: 3 Things to Consider

by Dustin Rose

If you are organising an event at which VIPs such as politicians, movie stars or members of the military will be present, it is important to realise that this means you will need to take additional security measures in order to keep everyone safe. Below is a list of three things you might want to consider when organising the security for your VIP event:

Hiring security guards

If members of the public will be present at your event, it is vital that you have the staff on hand in order to control them. Fans of famous people can get very excited when they see them in the flesh and may attempt to break through psychical security barriers such as fences and gates in order to get close to the person they admire. While it is true that the vast majority of these people do not want to cause harm to the VIPs, it is essential that they are not in a position where they can disturb or disrupt the event. Having security guards at key points such as in front of any stages, at entrances and exit and along any route which the VIP will walk can help to keep the crowd under control.

Hiring bomb detection dogs

It is a sad fact that any large gathering of people, particularly a gathering which features VIPs, is now a possible target for terrorist. For this reason, it is a good idea to hire a team of bomb detection dogs. These dogs are trained to sniff out explosive devices. The dogs can be used to sweep the location where your event will be held before it takes place. You may wish to retain the dogs so they can be posted at the entrance to your event so they can detect if anyone entering is carrying an explosive device. 

Contacting the local police force

When organising an event where politicians or other high profile people will be present, you should make contact with the local police force and inform them of the nature of the event. In some cases, the local police force may send along a team of officers who will help to maintain security at the event. In other cases, the police may be able to offer advice to you in regards to your security arrangements.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a professional security company today for further information and advice.


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