Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

4 Best Practices of Access Control Systems for your Security Doors

by Dustin Rose

People with access control systems in their facilities need to conduct periodic audits of the system to evaluate whether the system works in accordance with the best industry practices. The audit will enable you to make timely decisions regarding how to improve or upgrade your access control system that controls your automated security screen doors. This article discusses some of the best practices that you should implement in your access control system.

Cloud-Based Systems

The traditional access control systems rely on locks and keys or FOBs/cards. Such systems have inherent shortcomings, such as the costs and inconveniences which are associated with rekeying locks. The best practice in this regard is to switch to cloud-based access control systems. Such systems are easy to install. You can also scale up the system easily without any limitations on how much the system can be scaled up or down.

Secure and Mobile Credentials

Secure and mobile credentials make it hard for the access control system to be breached by hackers and other unauthorised people. This is because the best practice entails using two-step authentication before access is granted to an individual attempting to use the security screen door. The system also eliminates the need for access cards, which can get lost or stolen.

Automatic Backups

The best access control systems also backup their data automatically. Any changes that are made to the functionality of the system are therefore implemented immediately. For example, it can be hard for someone to use an old access code to enter the building if the person left your company and you changed the code. Automatic backups ensure that every change that is implemented in one aspect of the system is recognised throughout the access control system. Automatic backups also ensure that all the information collected by the system will be stored for later retrieval and analysis.

Automated Firmware Updates

Automated system updates ensure that your access control system will function effectively without any technical or security glitches. New system vulnerabilities are usually fixed as soon as the vendor of the system discovers them. The only adjustment you can make for added security is to opt to receive notifications so that you can accept any updates before they start downloading to your automated access system.

Assess your access control system and ascertain how it measures against the best practices in the discussion above. Apart from ensuring the security screen door is physically strong, the software used to grant access should also be able safe from any external threats.


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