Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Nice Day for a Fight Wedding? Security Guards for Your Big Day

by Dustin Rose

A February 2019 buck's party in Melbourne took a shockingly violent turn. While celebrating at a pub, members of the group got into a disagreement with other patrons, which resulted in one of the group memebers stealing a cricket bat from a nearby kid before using it to attack the other patrons. Ah, the thrill of getting married. While this is an extreme example, it could be suggested that the average wedding isn't well-equipped to deal with a violent or disruptive scenario. It's your big day, and you want everyone to be on their best behaviour (and most people presumably will be), but what would you do if someone was to become an annoyance, or perhaps even a threat? Should you consider hiring security guards for your wedding?

How Security Guards Can Help

Weddings are emotional times, and not just for the happy couple. Emotions can also be fuelled by copious amounts of alcohol, so while it couldn't be said that a disruption then becomes likely, it at least becomes possible. You can probably even gauge the possibility yourself. You know your family, friends, and colleagues, and so might be able to identify someone who could potentially cause a problem on your big day. When your guests have been given permission to bring a plus one, it can also be the case that you don't entirely know everyone who will be present. How can security guards help?

  • In the unlikely event of a skirmish at your wedding, security can step in to break up the fight, meaning that your other guests don't need to become directly involved (and neither do you)
  • Security can also monitor the party as it's in progress, making a mental note of guests who have perhaps had too much to drink, and taking action as needed. This action can be as simple as encouraging the person to take some time out and drink some water
  • However unlikely it is, security can also act as gatekeepers on the off-chance that someone tries to crash your party in order to partake in the free food and alcohol

Other Forms of Assistance

Security is there to keep you and your guests safe, and this doesn't just involve direct action in the event of a disturbance. They can also be helpful in the event of an emergency, such as assisting if an evacuation becomes necessary, helping to determine the best escape route in case of fire, as well as the most appropriate and safe meeting point.

Having security guards at your wedding is like insurance. You hope you'll never have to use it, but if something unexpected was to happen, you will be extremely relieved that you planned ahead.


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