Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

  • Nice Day for a Fight Wedding? Security Guards for Your Big Day

    A February 2019 buck's party in Melbourne took a shockingly violent turn. While celebrating at a pub, members of the group got into a disagreement with other patrons, which resulted in one of the group memebers stealing a cricket bat from a nearby kid before using it to attack the other patrons. Ah, the thrill of getting married. While this is an extreme example, it could be suggested that the average wedding isn't well-equipped to deal with a violent or disruptive scenario.

  • 4 Best Practices of Access Control Systems for your Security Doors

    People with access control systems in their facilities need to conduct periodic audits of the system to evaluate whether the system works in accordance with the best industry practices. The audit will enable you to make timely decisions regarding how to improve or upgrade your access control system that controls your automated security screen doors. This article discusses some of the best practices that you should implement in your access control system.

  • Organising a VIP Event: 3 Things to Consider

    If you are organising an event at which VIPs such as politicians, movie stars or members of the military will be present, it is important to realise that this means you will need to take additional security measures in order to keep everyone safe. Below is a list of three things you might want to consider when organising the security for your VIP event: Hiring security guards If members of the public will be present at your event, it is vital that you have the staff on hand in order to control them.

  • Surprising Fire Hazards in the Workplace

    Fire safety should be taken very seriously in the workplace; it only takes one small spark for a fire to start, and fires can then spread very quickly in any office or production area. Property damage can be catastrophic even from a small fire, as can the potential risk of injury. To ensure that your workplace is always safe, note some surprising fire hazards you should eliminate in your office, warehouse, or other such facility.

  • 4 Common Mistakes When Using a Home Security System

    You are probably aware of the many benefits of having a security system at home, but are you sure you know how to use it properly? Many people make some common mistakes when setting up, placing, and using their home security systems. Avoid these common mistakes to keep your home as safe and secure as possible. Putting Them in the Wrong Place While you might have spent a good deal of money and time finding the right home security system and having it installed, you need to make sure the security cameras are in the right place.

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    Security Tips for Doors, Windows and More

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